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For Unit Election Teams

New for 2024

The preferred method for Unit Elections is in-person. When conducting an in-person Unit Election, teams should leverage Lodgemaster to create the Unit Election Form after the Unit Leader uploads their eligible candidates. Paper forms are available in the Council Office when using Lodgemaster is not possible (no internet at the election site, etc.).

Camp Wilderness Promo Videos

50th Anniversary Medora Camporall

 To celebrate the this special year for our council, we will be hosting our weekend-long celebration on August 16-18, 2024 in Medora, North Dakota! All packs, troops, crews, and posts are invited to help us celebrate. Our current list of activities include:


  • Guided Maah Daah Hey Trail Hike

  • Tours of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

  • Mini golf, lazy river, and ziplining at Point-to-Point Park

  • Service project for the new Roosevelt Presidential Library coming in 2026

  • Pitchfork Fondue and Medora Musical

  • City-wide Scavenger Hunt

  • Horseback Trail Rides (additional cost)

  • High Ropes Course (additional cost)

  • Multiple merit badge offerings

  • 50th Anniversary Opening Show

  • …and more to come!

The planned price for this event will be $75 before August 1 and $90 if registering on August 1 or later. All meals, camping space, and programs will be provided, but our planning committee will be working on specifics this winter and spring. We will needs lots of volunteers to help with this event! Registration is now live!


Unit Election Video


Unit Elections Script

Scheduling a Unit's Election

When a unit requests an election, they will indicate three dates and times for their election. Lodgemaster will generate an email to the chapter’s election coordinator to notify of a requested election.

To schedule an election, log in to Lodgemaster’s Inductions Portal. Requested unit elections will appear in the “Visit Scheduling” box in the bottom right corner, sorted by chapter. Select the unit to confirm their election date and time. This will trigger an email to the unit leader to provide their unit’s candidates. Unit leaders should upload their unit’s candidates directly into Lodgemaster.

If a unit did not receive an email to schedule their election, they can request an election at

Logging into Lodgemaster

Chapter Unit Election teams can access OA Lodgemaster to administer unit elections at If you need access to Lodgemaster, please contact

Uploading the Candidate Submission Form

Once the Unit has requested their election in Lodgemaster, go to “Visit & Election Management” on the right-hand side of the Inductions Dashboard within Lodgemaster. Search for and select the Unit. If the election is scheduled, there should be an option to “Import Eligible”. Select “Import Eligible”. Select the file that’s saved to your computer. Please be sure to delete the example row in the template. Once the example row is deleted, click the import button (the arrow pointing up).

Retreiving Candidate Submission Forms

If a Unit Leader is unable to submit their candidates directly into Lodgemaster, they can submit via the website and those forms will be routed to the chapter adviser.

Election Materials

Election Form

A unit’s election form can be printed pre-filled directly from Lodgemaster. To do this:

  • Visit & Election Management

  • Select the unit

  • From the header, select Unit Reports, then Unit Election Report

  • Visit & Election Management

  • Select the unit

  • From the header, select Unit Reports, then Unit Election Ballots

  • Note: these are optional

Ordeal Candidate Letter
  • Click here to view and download the Ordeal Candidate letter

Complete Election

In Lodgemaster, navigate to the Unit’s election

  • From the Inductions Portal, select the unit from the Visits Awaiting Posting section. These are sorted by chapter.

  • In the Eligible Youth section, mark each candidate the appropriate status: not elected, elected, or declined

  • Complete at least the following fields:

    • Status: Announced

    • All fields in the Counts section

    • Unit Leader Name

  • Submit for approval

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